What Does a Carpenter Do?

Why You Need a Professional Woodworker

As we mentioned previously, a carpenter is part of the construction industry. Even with modern building technology, there is still plenty for a woodworker to do in house building. Many structural elements of a building are still made of wood, and these need to be installed early in the building process. These are components such as roof buttresses and joists, as well as the windows, floors, and staircases. Some houses may also have an integral timber frame or timber stud-work, which is more work for the carpenter to complete. All of this structural woodwork tends to be hidden and is called the rough work. Later in the construction, the carpenter will return and carry out the trim work, installing the visible items, like doors, and any decorative woodwork.

Of course, as time goes on, all these elements may need repair or renewal. If you need a professional woodworker in Delray Beach, FL, call Delray Beach Carpentry & Woodworking at (561) 292-0381 to schedule an appointment.